Illinois Native Plants and Foraging - Adults

This workshop is designed as an introductory course to common, local plant species, with an emphasis on edible plants. Attendees will be introduced to a variety of interesting species and taught basic foraging skills. Of course, we will introduce you to the plants you need to stay away from, too!


"Wandering" About Sign Lanquage? - All Ages

Come and learn how to sign the chorus to The Way Down Wanderers tune, “Moonglow Carolina.” We will practice and then when we are ready, you will be invited on stage Sunday to use your signing skills while WDW plays the song. No experience necessary...bring your enthusiasm and your love for music and we'll have a fun time. Ages 10 and up. Limited to 10 participants.


Adult Paint Party Workshop - Adults

Join us as we paint & create an 11x14 canvas.  This fun 2 hour session only requires an open mind and good vibes!  We will be painting a fall inspired picture.  All supplies are included and no experience needed.  I will help guide and inspire you to make it your own masterpiece and find the artist within!  Ages 13 and up. Limited to 30 painters.


The Beatnik Poetry Coffeehouse - Adults

Come warm up with a cup of coffee and snap your fingers. In this workshop, lead by John Williams of The Way Down Wanderers, guests are encouraged to bring original material to perform onstage.  Dust off those old notebooks you won't ever show anybody!


Gong Sounds Meditation - Adults

Workshop will begin with gentle yoga like movement, so that the body can relax during GONG Session.  The sound of the gong creates deep relaxation and works as a vibrational massage that stimulates circulation while its wide range of frequencies stimulate nerve endings. The gong also works deeply on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.


Hiking Safety & Survival Tips - Adults

Our Hiking Safety and Survival Tips seminar is designed to keep you safe in the woods. Attendees will be taught to pack an outdoor survival kit and familiarized with the items that can help ensure a safe trip outdoors. In the unfortunate event that an outdoor hike turns into a survival situation, we will also provide a number of tips that will help you find your way to safety.


Beginner's Bird Watching - Adults

Wake up early and learn the basics of bird watching including where to watch, how to identify birds using a field guide, and how to record your finds. By the end you'll even be able to contribute to Cornell Univeristy's ornithology database! Limited to 20 participants.


Make your own Rain Stick - Kids

Recomended for children ages 5 and up. (Younger children may participate with help from a parent.) In this class you will make a rain stick out of basic everyday materials.There will be many materials for decorating and customizing your rain stick. Weather you want to shake it all night or just softly like the morning rain, this musical instrument is fun for all! Limited to 15 participants.


Knot Tying - Kids

Bring your children to learn a brand new skill set in knot tying! Demonstrations will include picture examples, as well as a hands on learning experience. Attendees will also be taught the importance of knot tying skills and how these skills are used in outdoor environments. Each child will be able to use their new skills to design a bracelet to take home. Ages 5 and up.


Recycling Activity - Kids

This workshop is designed to teach young festival goers all about recycling! Attendees will be taught about the importance of recycling, types of items that can be recycled, how to sort and store recyclables, and how to talk to adults about starting a recycling program in their home or school. The workshop will conclude with a fun recyclable sorting activity. Ages 4 and up.


Beetles, Butterflies, and Bumble Bees - Kids

Kids of all ages are welcome to come and learn about the magical world of bugs! Learn how bugs work, how to collect and identify them, and how to preserve them to share knowledge with others! Ages 5 and up. Limited to 15 participants.


Face Painting - Kids

This is for kids of all ages! (Children 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult) Select from many of your favorite images including: characters, animals, tiaras and heroes.  Weather it is face paint or arm art, you will be colorful for the festival!  Please allow 10-15 minutes per child in each line. This activity is first come first serve.



Last Year's Music Workshops:


Kids Jam with The Way Down Wanderers

Instruments not required but strongly encouarged. Rainmakers and spoons are welcomed! Ages 7 and up. Learn a song with The Way Down Wanderers and perform it with them on the Main Stage, Sunday afternoon!


How to Play the Spoons - Kids

Learn the basics of spoons playing with John Merikoski of The Way Down Wanderers! Ages 5 and up. Be sure and bring your own spoons.


So You Want to Try Guitar? - Adults

 Beginning guitar with Keith Yoder. This is a group class. Guitar required. Mature children, accompanied by an adult are welcome.


So You Want to Try Mandolin? - Adults

Beginning mandolin by Andy Hatfield. This is a group class. Mandolin required. Mature children, accompanied by an adult are welcome.


So You Want to Try Banjo? - Adults

Beginning banjo by Keith Yoder. This is a group class. Banjo required. Mature children, accompanied by an adult are welcome.


Intermediate Guitar - Adults

Intermediate guitar skills by Andy Hatfield. This is a group class. Guitar and basic guitar skills required. Mature children who can play the guitar are welcome in this class as long as they are accompanied by an adult.


So You Want to Try Harmony Singing? - Adults

With Keith Yoder & Andy Hatfield. Learn the basics of harmony singing by singing simple songs together as a group!


Song Writing: Arrangement & Form - Adults

The Way Down Wanderers talk about their song-writing process, play a few songs and answer questions about their lyrics and melodies.


Musical Diplomacy - All Ages

Experience music from far off lands, hear stories of wild adventures and walk away with a deeper understanding of places unknown -The Henhouse Prowlers


Intro to Jamming - All Ages

Keith Yoder will make you feel comfortable in a jam situation by teaching jam etiquette and basics. Learn and play a simple song in a group setting. Children must be accompanied by an adult. All string instruments welcome. Instrument required.


Intermediate Jam - Adults

This jam will be led by Andy Hatfield and is designed for participants who have participated in group jams before. All string instruments welcome.

Older children with advanced skills and an accompanying parent are welcome.


Advanced Jam - Adults

This jam will be led by Keith Yoder & Andy Hatfield and is designed for advanced players. Solos and song suggestions will be encouraged! All string instruments welcome.


Strategies for Song Writing:

How to Unstuck Yourself - Adults

A workshop which helps songwriters at any level develop ways to finish their ideas and combat pitfalls such as ‘the second verse curse’ with Micahlan Boney.


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